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Collaborating with the biggest media networks… To thousands of fans… Delivering the best in Asian entertainment…


The debut SELL-OUT tour under UK Box Office, taking Punjabi concerts to previously unchallenged highs: sold-out arenas, professional promotion and huge media exposure.


The second Gurdas Maan tour under UK Box Office was preceded with heightened expectations. All such expectations were met, two-fold. More sell-out tours and media coverage like never before led to a HUGELY SUCCESSFUL spectacle.


A hat-trick of successful tours saw not only unprecedented ticket sales, but MAINSTREAM MEDIA EXPOSURE as Gurdas Maan became the first Punjabi singer to formally create a relationship with a former Premier League club – coinciding perfectly with another sell-out tour.


Four GROUNDBREAKING years it had taken for UK Box Office to achieve what remains unrivalled amongst most entertainment companies and artistes alike – a date at the Royal Albert Hall. Gurdas Maan became the first solo Punjabi artiste of his kind to perform at the iconic venue. Two dates at the Royal Albert Hall. Two sold-out nights.


Labelled the Ishq Da Gidha tour, the media frenzy was rife. Sponsors and industry bigwigs all gathered to join forces with UK Box Office due to the previous years’ successes. Celebrating ‘30 years of Gurdas Maan’, the tour was yet another CRITICAL AND COMMERCIAL SUCCESS.


The Gurdas Maan ‘Masti’ UK Tour

“Ehnu pee te hor mangaa” (Drink [this ‘masti’] and order more…”) – Gurdas Maan, Masti (1983)

The above lyric from Maan’s song Masti, taken from the album of the same name, became an instant sensation and has over the years garnered a cult-following.


Gurdas Maan’s “Innovation World Tour” made its first stop in the UK with a series of breathtaking concerts in which Gurdas Maan brought a modern twist to his traditional Punjabi Folk style of music. The tour was praised not only for the sensational new music concepts but also the seamless integration of the “Innovation World Tour” cinematics into the concert.

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