On Tuesday September 7th 2010 Gurdas Maan received an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music presented to him by the School of Performing Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure at the University of Wolverhampton. This was presented to him in recognition of his lifelong contribution to Punjabi music.

John Pymm, the Dean of the School of Sport, Performing Arts and Leisure which presented the honorary degree said. "The University is absolutely delighted that Gurdas Maan has found time from his busy international touring schedule to receive an honorary doctorate. Gurdas Maan's contribution to music is immense and he is a real inspiration for our students."

At the award ceremony Gurdas Maan said “This is an emotional moment for me. I accept this honour on behalf of the millions of fans and listeners of my music across the world."

This is a huge achievement for Gurdas Maan as he now joins the elite ranks of Sir Paul McCartney, Bill Cosby and Bob Dylan.

Gurdas has become the only Punjabi singer to receive a doctorate of music, which is a testament to his successful career that has made Punjabi music something that is loved and shared all across the globe.

UK BOX OFFICE would kindly like to thank all the fans worldwide who have supported Gurdas Maan throughout his career. We are very proud to be associated with Gurdas Maan in the UK and it has been a great honour in working closely with the University of Wolverhampton on this great achievement.

UK BOX OFFICE would also like to thank Jazzy B, Sukshinda Shinda, Sardara Gill, Shin DCS and Jaz Dhami for attending this prestigious ceremony.