With years of international business experience behind him, UK Box Office’s Director Ashok Suman launched a visionary firework into the entertainment and events stratosphere. And after many unrivalled successes and benchmarks, the explosion of colours before us is evident. UK Box Office is now the leading entertainment and events company of its kind.

The initial idea was quite simple: to stage and deliver the most memorable events in the Asian and international entertainment circuit. And in a short space of time, this visionary idea became an unrivalled reality.


In 2005, UK Box Office associated themselves with the biggest artist of his kind in Punjabi music legend, Gurdas Maan. Since then, UK Box Office have organised, managed and promoted the biggest Punjabi concerts of the greatest artist of them all; bringing the inimitable performances of Gurdas Maan to thousands of UK fans, dealing with the likes of Wembley Arena, LG Arena and the historic Royal Albert Hall.

EXPOSURE in the form of international media outlets and networks has seen the brand of UK Box Office etched inside millions of homes; and now when audiences think of leading Asian and international events, only one name seems to flourish first. Humbled by the significant response of the public, UK Box Office eagerly strives to continue providing top entertainment for years to come.


The ever-rising line of progression is leading to higher peaks for all the team. Not only has unparalleled success been achieved over the last decade, but more unique, ground-breaking media and entertainment projects are underway…

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We are nothing short of passionate about this journey that we have taken. And it is indeed just that; a journey, not a destination. The expanding of the brand to corners previously unreached is what UK Box Office is on the way towards. This is not only an aspiring aim; this is a projected one. And all of this cannot be achieved without the support of the people. Thank you to all that have knowingly and unwittingly helped along the way.

– Ashok Suman, Director.

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